About Gifted Clothing Label

About the Gifted Clothing Label

The idea behind Gifted Clothing Label

Throughout history, people have used clothes in a very deliberate way to express unity, power, and authority. We have tried to give a historical context and really introduce the whole idea of using kente and other beautiful African prints to express the powerful enrichment of our country,”

Given the highly-divided political and social climate, Gifted fashion design is leaning into marketing that promotes a message of unity and understanding differences

The idea behind the design component

Unity is to create elements that support each other and all work together toward a common goal. It’s about avoiding mixed messages. The design elements for this project will look like they belong together and not be arbitrarily placed.

The design principles of repetition will be used, alongside alignment, and proximity to add visual unity to the design. The contrasts will be used to add variety and interest. Making sure all images used agree conceptually with the theme “unity”

Through “unity” our designs will communicate more and more effectively, the line seeks to pay tribute to the Unity of Africa and its History through apparel; the line carries everything from hoodies and T-shirts with simple statement graphics, full jumpsuits to casual smart wear.

A mass infusion of bright and bold designs incorporating a large amount of tulle will be presented. Each piece represents the goals and values of UNITY as an organization through the large tulle heart sewed to a white t-shirt or the giant letters spelling “UNITY” “AFRICA” AND “GIFTED” attached to model’s t-shirts and jackets.

The “Unity” is a measure of how well the line belongs together.

“Africa” will be captured by the different fabrics taken from different cultures put together to create a unique design

“GIFTED” the enrichment of colors, designs, and words to showcase the brand and its message.

By using this technique viewers should first see the whole and then the sum of the parts making that whole which is “Unity”

  • Gifted Diamante T-Shirt
    Gifted Diamante T-Shirt

    Printed T-shirt with swarovski crystals embedded. Available in three colours small – large

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  • Ladies Kente T-shirt Dress
    Ladies Kente T-shirt Dress

    This is one of our best collections to hit the market. A fusion of the Ghanaian kente cloth and a high-quality t-shirt urbanized with a creative print to compliment the garment.

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  • Gye Nyame T-Shirt
    Gye Nyame T-Shirt

    A high-quality t-shirt urbanized with a creative Gye Nyame Adinkra symbol printed in suede to complement the garment.

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